Facility and lap lane availability

Lap lane availability will be affected due to school swimming carnivals from the 06 February 2020 see detail below. 

*Please continue to check home page if air quality deteriorates as opening hours may be affected.

Pool Availability Feb/March 2020

During February and March Dickson Aquatic Centre is host 29 to school swimming carnivals. 

The weekly timetables are available by following the links below.

At certain times lap swimming is unavailable. We have maximised the shared use of the facility where ever possible, however there are times during this period when we simply cannot provide a safe environment for both the school children and the public.

We appreciate your patience while we provide the opportunity to school children in ACT and the surrounding region to participate in their school swimming carnival.


* Our Pool Availability Timetables in the links below reflects our current bookings and is updated regularly, however they are subject to change without notice.

* We make every effort to ensure that there is ample lap swimming space available, however the safety of patrons free swimming takes priority over increasing the number of lanes available.

Dickson Aquatic Centre stayed open for a few extra days to allow for school carnivals.  We will close at 7:00pm Wednesday 18 March 2020.  See you in October!

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