Facility and lap lane availability

We are currently operating in session times.
Please ensure you are familiar with the times the Centre will be closed at certain periods during the day.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we currently have restricted access to the Dickson Aquatic Centre.

To manage this, there are sessions available throughout the day.

The Centre will be closed to the public for 30 minutes between sessions to allow for cleaning–no patrons will be able to remain in the centre at this time.

We are not currently managing a booking system. It is unlikely in our current operations we will exceed the capacity allowed on site.

Entry is through payment by cash, card or membership at our reception upon entry.

Session times

To manage COVID-19 capacity restrictions, we have in place a session timetable and a booking system.

  • Session times are strictly adhered to.
  • There is no access to the facility outside of the session times.
  • You may arrive at any time within your session, however you must have left the facility by the end.

SESSION TIMES: February and March 2021

01 February-21 March 2021







9am-3pm CLOSED


*Note the following shortened morning sessions:
Tuesday 09 March 6am-8.45am
Wednesday 10 March 6am-8.30am
Friday 19 March 6am-8am

Due to school swimming carnivals, there will be NO ACCESS 9am-3pm on school days unless otherwise advertised.

Note: Canberra Day Public Holiday operates on WEEKEND SESSION TIMES from 10am.